mercredi 8 mars 2017

When Is Ramadan 2017 in Houston, United States

Last year, when I was in South Africa. I witnessed a huge get together in park in my neighborhood in Houston, USA. Out of Curiosity I reached there and inquiry it Nadeem told me this is a Iftar Party arranged by official committee. I meal use to break fast. During the month of Ramadan, Muslims which are of age and sound fit, healthy and able to fast, do fasting from dawn to sunset. During sun hours, be keeping all their regular activities they do best to avoid acts which can lead to sin. And focus on activities which lead them to be a better human being and a true obedient of God.

Anyway, If you to USA in 2017, do check Houston neighborhood, because each year they organize Ramadan iftar party which also welcomes non muslims as well. This spread love and peace, and also help them to look closer how beautiful is the religion of Islam is, how beautiful its traditions are such as Ramadan. You may also check for more information.

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