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London Prayer Times - Islamic Salah Times London (UK)

Salah is an Arabic word with meaning of homage, worship or prayer. The daily, Five time prayer is one of the crucial acts of the Islamic religion. With 1 million Muslims, Islam is the second largest Religion, which makes 12.5% of the entire population of London. The five daily prayers are obligatory and should be made within their predetermined time.

Islamic Prayer Times for London

London Prayer Times Calculation Method:

The above mentioned daily prayer times for London get update on daily basis and, has been calculated using London Central Mosque method.

prayer times london mosque

Islamic Prayer Times With Its Five Divisions In London

Prayer is that time of your life when you are connecting your soul with the Almighty. You have your part of good and bad, and it is during such Prayer Times when you try to retain the good side of your inner self. Also known as Salah, Islamic prayers mainly take place five times in a day. And that helps the people to remember about Allah and his good deeds. While they are moving towards Mecca, the whole Muslim community comes together and pray for their good will and pure self. Their aim is to recall the Islamic Prayer Times, by putting worries and stress at the side, and remember Lord for his power and blessings.

Fajr Prayer Time

The Fajr Time is one of those Islamic prayers, which take place around the world by the Muslim community and even in London. It is going to be a significant2 raka’at prayer, and it is mentioned in Quran at the sura 24 ayah. This has been inspired by tafsir and is prayed on behalf of the Islamic prophet Muhammad. For this prayer, you need two fardraka’at and the leader recites this prayer in loud voices.

Zuhr Prayer Time

You might even have to work on the other forms of prayers, as a major part of the Muslim community. And for that, you have Dhuhr time. This prayer takes place after midday. And just before the Asr Prayer. It is considered as the second of the five prayers, which the Muslim community follows. And it is on Friday that this prayer is substituted by Jumu’ah, and it is vital for the Muslim men above puberty to pray along with the group of other Muslims.

Asr Prayer Time

It is vital for you to know a bit more about the afternoon prayer of the Muslim community, which takes place at Asr time. It is also recited on a daily basis by the practicing Muslim, and it comprises of four sunnah and four fard. It is defined as the middle prayer as in Quran, and it is also the name of short sura. This helps in raising the daily prayer to preciously high rank, for some of the practicing Muslims, especially when it falls on Friday.

Maghrib Prayer Time

Also defined as the West Sun prayer this Maghrib takes places during the Maghrib Time. It is prayed just after the sunset took place and is defined to be the fourth of the five prayers. It is an Arabic term, which means a part of the western side of Arab. It comprises of three Fardra’kat along with two sunnah. It even has two non-obligatory nafls. The first part is prayed by Imam, and the third sector is prayed silently.

Isha Prayer Time

The last part of this prayer is the Isha prayer, which takes place at Isha Time. It is also defined as the night time prayer and the last part of the five Islamic prayers. It has four rak’ah prayers, and the first two are prayed aloud. Whole traveling, the rak’at can be reduced to two numbers. Join hand with the right community, and you will come to know a lot more about the ideal Salat Times, around here.

Mosques in London

  • Abbey Mills Mosque (1910)
  • East London Mosque (1910)
  • Fazl Mosque (1924)
  • Brick Lane Mosque (1976)
  • London Central Mosque (1977)
  • Aziziye Mosque (1983)
  • North London Central Mosque (1990s)
  • Suleymaniye Mosque (1999)
  • Baitul Futuh (2003)

Above is the list of most popular and some of the oldest Mosques in London, with year. You can practice and experience your Islamic prayers on time in any of these historical mosques.

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